What Do You Know About Disc Brakes And Hydraulic Brakes?

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With the increase of the various types of vehicles, including electrical scooter models on our roads, and maintaining high speeds, which is often the requirement of a road. The risks of road accidents have also increased drastically. Brakes are the most essential parts of any vehicle directly affecting and ensuring the safety of a driver. Your brakes of motor scooters determine its stopping distance from another vehicle, the effort required to operate it, its performance under harsh weather, and its durability.

In many cases, the brakes can even be the deciding factor between life and death. Therefore, we should be very cautious about the performance and condition of electric scooter brakes.

Though electric scooters for adults are one of the most convenient and fun rides, they can sometimes be dangerous too. A motorized scooter is lightweight and hence provides far better road grip while riding through the city. Brakes are considered to be one of the recommendations for must-have accessories for electronic scooters. Modern scooters can easily exceed the speed range of 28-45mph. Though colliding with someone is the most common accident to happen to electric scooter riders, the fact is, that most accidents take place due to falling off. Therefore, it is safe to have a well-functioning braking system when riding an electric mopeds model.

Motorized scooters must have at least one type of braking system to operate. However, some of them come with more than one type of braking system. Therefore, it is recommended to have an electronic scooter with more than one braking system in case one of them becomes dysfunctional, the other can compensate. E-scooters come equipped with a variety of braking systems, including disc brakes, drum brakes, electronic brakes, and hydraulic brakes. However, here we focus on disc brakes and hydraulic brakes.

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Disc Brakes:

There is no wonder that disc brakes have finally taken dominance over rim brakes in the cycle and e scooter market. These are the type of brakes that use a rotor and caliper for functioning. These rotors and calipers stop the wheels from revolving when the brakes are applied. Mechanical disc brakes are undoubtedly the best option available due to their efficient functioning in both wet and dry conditions.

Disc brakes are more advanced and support rough and aggressive riding too. Moreover, they help to maintain balance efficiently while riding.

Significant Parts Of A Disc Brake:

Mechanical disc brakes primarily consist of the following parts:

  • A Rotor:

A metallic disc is attached to the wheel, generally 2-3mm thick.

  • A Brake Caliper:

A part of the brake makes the electric scooters slow down and eventually stop once you push the lever. It is connected to the rotor and is the most vital part of the electric scooter’s system.

  • A Brake Pad:

It is made of various materials like steel wool, wires, and cables and consists of backing plates. This brake also lies between the rotor and calipers and reduces friction between them.

  • Brake Piston:

In such a system the pistons are generally made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. They enable the brake pads to slow down the wheels.

How Do Disc Brakes Function?

Mechanical disc brakes in an electrical high-performance scooter contain a metallic disk called a rotor. This rotor is attached to the electric mopeds’ wheel and spins with it. A typical hand lever is attached to the electric mopeds, similar to the one found on bicycles. Pulling this hand lever activates another part called the caliper of the brakes. This caliper surrounds the rotor and pinches it while spinning around the wheels. The induced friction then stops the vehicle from moving, and the electric mopeds come to a halt.

Types Of Disc Brakes:

There are three significant types of disc brakes:

  • Hydraulic
  • Semi-Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
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Hydraulic Brakes:

Hydraulic brakes are the most widely used brakes in electric scooters. Squeezing the brake lever pushes the fluid and induces pressure on the lines connected to the calipers. Hydraulic brakes are undoubtedly the best types of disc brakes, they give you the most control over your vehicle. You can quickly stop the vehicle with these brakes when needed. In addition, braking is consistent and firm using this system.

The hydraulic brake system contrast with other types of disc brakes, primarily mechanical brakes. As a result, they differ in efficiency, maintenance, and expense. The features of these different systems vary too.

Difference between Disc Brakes and Hydraulic Brakes:


Hydraulic brakes are generally more expensive than other disc brake plates. The electric scooters that come installed with hydraulic brakes are costly too. This is because hydraulic brakes require hydraulic-specific levers, which require internal routing.


Moreover, it is undeniable that hydraulic brakes on an electric scooter have firm stopping power and are far superiorly modulated to any other disc brake system.

Though hydraulics is more sensitive, they require much less maintenance on adult electric scooters than other disc braking systems. However, the adjustments of hydraulic brake systems are relatively more complex than other brakes.


Another helpful feature of hydraulics is that they are far more lightweight than other discs. So can be easily operated by beginners. They are more efficient and require less force to stop.

Lastly, hydraulic disc brakes allow us to move fastly. Discs, like mechanical ones, use cables, whereas hydraulic ones use fluid as a constricting medium. As a result, both are far more efficient than conventional rim brakes and provide a more secure experience. This is because they allow stopping even faster.

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The choice to ride whatever braking system depends on your budget and your driving style and habits on your electric scooter. Those with the purchasing power to buy any spare parts can easily acquire hydraulic brakes. Moreover, if you are a beginner or a kid who roots for smooth riding, then the hydraulic option is a must. They are efficient, smooth, and precise in their stopping powers.

Electric scooters are changing urban transportation swiftly. Varla scooters can be a good choice whether you wanna use a disc brake and hydraulic brake on your commuter escooter.

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