5 Myths About Commuter Electric Scooters

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It’s no secret that electric scooters have become a mainstay in cities across the country. Commuters and tourists use them constantly to explore new neighborhoods, commute to work and school, ride to local stores, and even go outside their city or state. But while they might seem like an easy way to get around during rush hour, there are some myths around commuter electric scooter usage.

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Without question, escooters are generating more intense debate than almost any other subject. You can differentiate between facts and fables to effectively decide if having an escooter is worth your investment. Therefore, here are some myths about commuter electric scooters

Myth 1: Commuter Electric Scooters Are Dangerous 

Electric scooters are not dangerous, contrary to popular belief. They have been available for over a decade. The ridership of adult electric scooters has grown drastically over the last decade, and they are safe. The speed and convenience of commuter scooters make it easy to get from one location to another without worrying about traffic or parking lots. Furthermore, they are for riding on roads and sidewalks like regular bicycles. It’s best to obey scooter road rules and regulations governing dual motor electric scooters.

Long range electric scooter accidents are uncommon and less likely to harm you or other road users majorly. If you fall off while riding your best electric scooter, it might be due to negligence. According to studies, adult electric scooter riders have fewer accidents than riders on traditional bikes. So, if you’re interested in commuting, Varla Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooters are worth considering. 

Myth 2: They Are Hard To Ride 

The myth that electric scooters are challenging to ride is false. If you have ever driven an electric scooter, you would know how simple it is. It’s similar to riding a bike but more enjoyable. What to understand about commuter scooters is that they don’t require any expertise or experience. They have a powerful electric motor to push themselves forward at up to 20 mph, eliminating the need to exert your energy before they can move. E-scooters are user-friendly, and they make commuting fun. 

Getting used to riding an electric scooter takes some practice, but it’s easier than you may imagine. Hence, dual motor electric scooters are a terrific investment for commuters who wish to leave their car at home or solve the last-mile problem. More so, adult electric scooters’ low center of gravity makes keeping your balance while riding simple. Additionally, using an commuter scooter does not require a high physical condition. While you watch the road, the motor will handle all the work for you. Furthermore, because they can reach up to 20 mph and you can easily avoid traffic congestion. You don’t have to be an expert rider to start riding a dual motor electric scooter; all you need is the right long range electric scooter.

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Myth 3: Electric Scooters Are Not Durable

The myth that adult electric scooters are not long-lasting is common, but it’s not true. All terrain electric scooter are durable due to their sturdy construction, which protects their electrical parts from harsh conditions. They also have an aluminum frame with steel plating on the bottom to keep them from getting trapped in traffic or on sidewalks when riding. Also, escooter batteries last long since they charge fast and use less energy during transit than other vehicles.

You can be sure to expect to ride your electric scooter for about five years, but you would have to maintain it properly. Some people believe electric scooters will only last a few months, but this is a misconception. 

Myth 4: They Are Illegal To Ride On All Public Roads

False! Most states allow you to ride on public roads. Since e-scooters are still a new technology, several states are still catching up with the rules governing them. Electric scooters, for instance, are entirely uncontrolled in many areas. Laws governing electric scooters can differ from one state to another. As a result, it’s crucial to review the local legislation in your residence. However, some states prohibit the usage of electric scooters on public roads. You can ride an adult electric scooter on most public roads, but you must follow all traffic laws. The laws regarding all terrain electric scooter usage on public roads vary by state. Some states allow you to ride on any road, while others require that you stay off highways.

Parking your e-scooter on the street or in a public location might not be possible since most state laws prohibit it. On the other hand, governments are recognizing the problem and implementing regulations to guarantee that long range electric scooter owners park their cars securely and adequately. In specific urban locations, you can park your scooter on the sidewalk or near the roadway, alongside public bike racks in other areas, as long as it does not hinder pedestrians. They must, however, never be left on disability ramps or in parking lots. To be sure that your state permits the use of electric scooters on public roads, ensure you check your local laws for adult electric scooter laws before riding an long range electric scooter on public roads.

Myth 5: They Offer Less Speed

One of the most persistent myths in commuting is that electric scooters are slow. Electric scooters are slower than their gas-powered counterparts, but they’re still as fast as walking or biking, and they can go up to 30 miles per hour while remaining quiet enough to be used in congested areas. Electric scooters are fast and enjoyable. What’s the best part? They’re maneuverable, so you can get around without worrying about colliding with anything or getting stuck in traffic.

People think electric scooters are slow because they have little power behind them. When you ride an electric scooter, you use the same energy you would if you were walking or biking. However, because no combustion is involved in electric scooters, the motors are much smaller and more efficient than those in gas-powered vehicles.

Besides, you can’t be stuck in traffic or wait for other vehicles to move when you ride an electric scooter. You can go wherever you want! It’s similar to having a jetpack. Another area where electric scooters outperform their counterparts is their ability to climb hills. Contrary to popular belief, many electric scooters can easily power up steep hills.

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Choose A Suitable Commuter Electric Scooter For You 

There are various brands and designs of scooters in the market today. As such, there are certain factors you should consider when choosing an electric scooter. These factors include motor size, range, maximum speed, tires, suspensions, and brake types.

Due to the safety features of newer models, e-scooters are one of the safest forms of transportation. The top e-scooters have sophisticated braking and speed control systems, and Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter comes highly recommended as a game changer in more ways than one. 

The Varla Eagle One is one of the smoothest rides in its class, thanks to its excellent suspension system, pneumatic tires, and dual motor system. The e-scooter is suitable for climbing steep inclines, has a more extended range, and has a top speed of 40 MPH to outperform its competitors.


Electric scooters are replacing their gas-powered counterparts, creating a presence to stay. E-scooters offer several benefits. Most myths are based on lies and false beliefs. These electric scooters are trustworthy and regularly receive positive reviews from their users. So, go ahead, debunk the myths, confirm your facts and get yourself an electric scooter.

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