How to Store Your Electric Scooter?

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Your e-scooter can sometimes give up on you, or you just haven’t gotten the chance to ride it as often. The winter and monsoon seasons can be two of the worst times for your scooter. Your excitement to ride your electric scooter will be high, but you must know the dos and don’ts of using your escooter in the summer season too. Not only do you not get the chance to ride it as much, but you likely didn’t store it properly, which could cause some damage to it.

Properly storing your e-scooter is crucial to improving its motor’s lifespan. Depending on how you store your adult scooter, you can either make it last a few years, or just a few months. If you want your scooter to work efficiently as possible, then you need to follow your guidelines.

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Ideal Place to Store Your Scooter

Keeping your scooter clean and dry is essential to store it. Any dampness or condensation can be harmful to your scooter. Dust can rust the metal bits of your e-scooter and slow down your motor from its maximum capacity to half, which is why keeping your environment clean is also essential.

Refrain from keeping your e-scooter exposed to extreme weather conditions. Places that are too hot, too cold, deeply flooded, or with little to no sunlight are not ideal places to store your scooter. All of these conditions can ruin your electric scooter. They can either deplete the battery’s capacity and oxidize or corrode most of its components.

Charge Your Battery Properly

People can usually overcharge their electric scooter, which can be a serious mistake. It is crucial for you to charge your battery every time you use it, even if you plan to store it away after. Remember that if you plan to store your battery, you shouldn’t charge it more than 70 percent.

Never charge your battery when you bring it out of extreme weather conditions. If it’s too cold, gradually bring your scooter to room temperature and then plug it in. If it’s too hot however, you need to cool it down first. Either way, be mindful of the temperature, otherwise the battery capacity will deteriorate much faster.

Contrary to popular belief, if you charge your scooter higher than 70 percent, it will negatively affect your electric scooter. If you keep the charge between 50 to 70 percent, it’s in a good condition.

Replacing the battery for your scooter can be expensive, which makes taking these small measures worth it.

Store Your Scooter 

This may be common understanding to some of you, but there are specific ways to store your electric scooter. It is sensitive and needs extensive care to perform properly.

First, you need to charge it regularly. Next, make sure you unplug it and turned it off in every way possible. Furthermore, it would be better to remove the battery from the scooter. Taking out the battery completely stops the other components from receiving any type of current.

You should fold your e-scooter, and make it more compact. This folded size can make it easier to store, especially if you live in a smaller house.  

It is vital for you to lock, unplug, and fold the electric scooter and keep it in a dark, dry, and clean place. Any sign of moisture can do serious damage to your vehicle, which means that it won’t last as long.

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Clean Your Scooter

Regular cleaning is also necessary while you’re using an electric scooter. This added precaution helps you point out developing issues with your e-scooter, such as cracks, corrosions, dents, and scratches.

Ideally, use a damp wash cloth or a rag to clean your scooter. Refrain from using bleach or soap. After the wash, you should take a dry rag and run it across the electric scooter to take off moisture that you left. Under no circumstances can you leave your scooter wet. As a safety measure, you should use the prevention spray against corrosions.

Pack the Battery as well as the Scooter 

Any type of moisture or mist near your scooter can severely damage it. Packing the quality battery and the electric scooter itself is a necessary safety measure you need to take to ward off different problems that could develop in your e-scooter.

Storing it in a clean, dry place usually isn’t enough. After all, you can’t stop dust from seeping into the room where you stored it. Accumulating dust can lead to various issues, like rust.

Once you fold and keep away your scooter away, make sure you wrap it in a bag or container. Then put your battery in a similar bag or a container and cover both items with a raincoat or a waterproofed fabric. These measures may seem excessive, but they prevent moisture and dust from leaking into your electric scooter.

Neat Storage for Your Scooter

There are neat storage compartments and mantels available online that you can choose. If you are planning to leave your electric scooter alone after some time, you should get one of those compartments/mantles for your scooter.

A neat compartment allows you to sit care-free in your lounge, while your e-scooter rests there easily. Compartmentalization is always helpful.

To Conclude

Electric scooters are becoming very popular without needing much advertising. Using it with extensive care can extend a long lifespan. Adults that are looking for a more environmentally safe way of getting around have saturated the market.  Their commute from point A to point B is now much easier because of these scooters for adults. Some were even popular among teenagers, but they have become even more popular amongst adults.

Since e-scooters exploded in popularity, their preventative measures, for when you’re not using them, also increased drastically. These safety measures can help you take care of your scooter, and keeps it in a workable condition for the longest time possible. The life and structure of your scooter heavily depend on the model you buy. These precautions work best on a well-structured model, with an excellent battery capacity and an exceptional motor.

Varla to provide you with the best product; our only goal is to satisfy the customer and manufacture a model that can work well regardless of the environmental conditions. Check our site for discounted deals and great products.

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