Tips to Avoid Back Pain Due To Long-Time Commuter Electric Scooter Riding

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As a scooterist, it’s possible to have exposure to some uncomfortable postures while scooter riding, but you can manage this. Like every other automobile on two wheels, riding a dual motor electric scooter is actually not hard at all, but you are either standing or slouched. Therefore, when you ride your commuter scooter, you need always pay attention to your posture because it can save you the pain and cost of dealing with a backache. 

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Electric scooters generally are not harmful or designed to cause any significant risk to their users. Truly, it has proven to be a way to optimize your daily routine with a commuter scooter in recent times. However, it doesn’t matter if you are riding to work, school, or running errands within your neighborhood; you must ensure you stand or sit properly on it. Usually, a commuter scooter will require that you ride in a static position for a prolonged time, depending on the distance to your destination. This is why you should ensure you start the ride in the best and most comfortable position possible.

Why am I having back pain after riding an electric scooter?

Electric scooters design are not one to cause any health risks or exposure. If you choose to commute with an e scooter, you have to resolve to do it correctly with the proper techniques. Most dual motor electric scooter injuries and back aches are mainly by your posture and the duration of your ride. Since you would be riding in just one position with little room to adjust different parts of your body during the ride, there is a tendency that your body will begin to feel sore. Although this doesn’t happen often, it is imperative to take the necessary precautions and learn as you go on your trips, no matter how frequently. 

The muscles in your body move in a particular direction, and any alteration to this setting can cause harm. Most complaints reported over the years to medical personnel are lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. It is even more tricky because you might not feel these pains in real-time. You might begin to feel the sensation as you lie on your bed to sleep or even the following morning. The advent of motorized scooters like the Varla Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter has lessened the pain and burden on scooterists. However, you must take active steps to prevent this soreness after your ride. 

How to prevent back pain while riding an electric commute scooter

You should have a pleasant experience every time you take your electric scooter for a ride, not the idea that it is a 40 mph electric scooter for injury. Hence you can start today to adjust your way of riding so that you will not have to be bothered with pains in your back after your ride. The tips below can help:

Build up your back muscles

The muscles in your body are flexible, so they respond to regular exercise that can strengthen them. This is the key to a ride void of pains and discomfort. As you ride your 40 mph electric scooter, your core is put to enormous work because it helps maintain your balance and keep your body upright. Other neck, shoulders, and arms muscles are also significant players. They all work in symphony to ensure your electric scooter for heavy adults moves and you do not fall off. What happens when these muscles and your core are weak? – They are tired quickly and cause your body to be sore. Simple regular exercises and stretches can prevent this from happening. Engage your body in daily yoga routines and some flexes, and watch them become stronger and the pains lesser.

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Get yourself an electric scooter that works.

There are different tools for different jobs, and everything is made easy with the right ones. As technology changes lifestyles, most e scooters are built for urban transportation and work best when moving on smooth terrains. If you intend to use your best electric scooter for cargo purposes, please get a durable one from the wide variety of options at Varla scooters. You must also consider the route from your home to school or your place of work. Are the roads smooth enough, or is it always bumpy? Do you have to hit rocks and dodge potholes before you arrive? If yes, get yourself an all terrain electric scooter that works for that route.

Better still, you can explore alternative paths that do not require much energy and calculations, especially if your fast electric scooter still needs to be serviced. All the regular bumpy rides take a toll on your back muscles and could cause soreness. If yours is a motor electric scooter with a seat, you’re lucky because you can rest your back and legs while you move.  

Check your riding posture.

As established, posture is everything. Observing a bad posture for an extended period is the overall cause of back pain while riding. If you are to ride on a fast electric scooter, please ride properly. There are specific tips to adapt while en route. If you notice that you have to hunch your back to reach the handlebars, then that commuter scooter is not for you. Ensure you check the distance of the seat to the handlebar in comparison to your height before you buy a new motorized scooter. It is always advisable to purchase one with an adjustable seat so that you can adjust it as you increase in height or to suit someone else. Be conscious of squaring your shoulders while you ride rather than bending them.

Stop, stretch, start.

If you need to repeat this cycle in your head while you ride, please do. Taking regular stretch breaks during a long ride is a secret many do not know. When you go a certain distance, say 10 minutes into the ride, pull over for a quick stretch with one or two routines, and you are good to go again. Make sure to stop at every 10, 15, or 20 minutes interval, depending on the distance ahead. These breaks would improve blood circulation in all body parts and ease the tensed muscles. Worry less about people that might stare at you on the road during those stretch breaks; those stares are better than pains at night. You can also do these stretches during traffic jams or long road signals.

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Are electric scooters safe?

Not only are electric scooters for adults safe for their users, but they are also safe for other road users and the environment at large. Adults scooter injuries can occur due to poor riding etiquette, leading to a crash or a collision. However, the rate at which these injuries occur is negligible in reality. In recent years, the number of deaths caused by e-scooters was only 0.00003% based on the total number of electronic scooter rides recorded. These statistics show that your scooter is very safe if you take the necessary safety measures.


No matter the possible health risk you might identify with your electrical scooter, there is already a mitigant. Erectile dysfunction can be a result of a long range electric scooter with a seat. If you are prone to be affected by this condition, get a no-nose sit or a motor scooter without a seat altogether. Get motorcycle armor to protect your chest and kidney from harsh weather conditions. These exposures aren’t widespread and shouldn’t bother you. Electric scooters are safe, probably safer than motor vehicles. Ride with that confidence.

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