World Environment Day 2022: Perfect Electric Scooters-Varla scooters

The energy crisis is one primary reason why the majority are opting for electric scooters. No doubt about the practicality that a foldable electric scooter for adults offers. So, this world environment day 2022 might be the best time for those folks who still haven’t yet bought an electric scooter. Owning an electric scooter in 2022 will help you contribute to a better and safer environment.

Now you might be thinking, which electric moped for adults should I choose? Well, don’t worry; we have some perfect electric scooters reviewed in this guide for your ease. These quality electric scooters are from reliable brand names, i.e., Varla Scooters. So, let us explore some of their electric scooter models in a bit more detail.

Perfect Electric Scooters-Varla scooter for 2022

Here are some of the perfect electric scooters which you can pick in 2022 without worrying about anything. Let us find out what is so special about them.

1: Varla Eagle One Pro (All Terrain Electric Scooter) 

This all terrain electric scooter ticks so many good boxes that it becomes tough for anyone to start describing what it packs. As the name says, it is designed to perform equally well on all types of terrains. It offers the best-in-class range, top-speed, and climbing range. Let us explore different aspects of this Varla scooter. Let us explore different aspects of this Varla scooter.

All-Terrain Varla Eagle One Pro
Varla Eagle One Pro
  1. Performance 

Those users who want an all-terrain electric scooter is the performance aspect they are most curious about. That’s where this Varla scooter really shines. It has a beefy dual hub motor. The rating for this motor is 1000W. Further, the peak power output this scooter produces is around 26000W. So, with a peak power of 26000W, this scooter delivers optimal performance on all terrains.

The 35-degree climbing angle is also an added bonus for those riders who want to use their electric scooters on off-road tracks. Let’s not forget the torque rating of this electric scooter. With 36nm of torque, you won’t feel the need for more torque while on tough terrains. Therefore, this Varla scooter is excellent from all performance sides of things.

  • Durability

The durability of an all-terrain electric scooter also has to be on par. Therefore, the Varla Eagle One Pro misses out on nothing when we talk about the durability aspect. It has a strong aluminum frame. Further, it also has a 1440WH battery which is basically a lithium-ion battery. The electric motor, as mentioned before, also delivers a peak power output of 26000W. So, Varla scooter has not cut corners here.

  • Value-Added Features

The Varla Eagle One Pro (All Terrain Electric Scooter) offers a perfect blend of features. As we mentioned earlier, it ticks pretty much all the boxes which people generally have in their mind before buying a foldable electric scooter for adults. It has a dual shock suspension system that absorbs minor jerks with ease. The dual disc brakes are also there to help you stop just in time. Further, it also has a 10W bright Led light to help you ride with ease in the dark.

So, in terms of value, yes, the scooter offers plenty of value-added features to help its owners enjoy a safe, comfortable, and adventurous ride on all terrains.

2: Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter 

Next up, we have the Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter, which has been designed for those who want an affordable yet reliable electric scooter for daily commute. The Pegasus City Commuter electric scooter has a payload capacity of 280 lbs. and a 6.7-inch-wide deck for added convenience. Let us take a look at some of its highlights.

Off-Road Varla Eagle One
Varla Eagle One
  1. Performance 

Let’s be honest, electric moped for adults that are designed for daily commuting don’t really offer hefty power. However, despite the affordable price tag, the Varla scooter doesn’t disappoint here. They have included a pretty decent sized dual hub motor (500W) that produces peak power of around 800W along with 25nm of torque. Given the competition, these figures are quite impressive. Therefore, the Pegasus City Commuter won’t disappoint you with its day-to-day performance. Its top speed is around 28MPH, and the range also lies around 28 miles/charge. 

  • Durability

Electric moped for adults offered by Varla Scooter are known for their durability. This particular model is no surprise here. You just have to ensure that you ride it with care, and it won’t go anywhere for tears. This is because Varla scooters come with reliable electric motors and have a strong frame.

  • Value-Added Features

Pegasus City Commuter is all about offering great value to those who want an electric scooter that is perfect for a daily city commute. There are many tiny little features that this scooter offers. For example, it has an independent suspension system, an LED light at the front and back, a wide deck, dual disc brakes, a reasonably sized 748Wh battery, and also a solid pair of tires. You can fold and unfold this scooter in just three steps. So, in short, Pegasus City Commuter is definitely a value-added offering by the brand. 

In a Nutshell

So, there cannot be a better time to invest in an electric scooter for adults than in 2022. With rising fuel prices, a foldable electric scooter for adults saves you a ton of money in so many ways. If you keep them in good condition, they could also you for years. Further, these scooters come with lithium-ion batteries, which also last longer compared to traditional batteries.

Last but not least, an electric scooter helps in saving the environment we live in. So, on this world environment day, why not contribute your part in saving the motherland by riding an electric scooter for your daily commute instead of a car? We have shared some of the best electric scooter models in this regard. Now, the choice is yours, which you end up going with.

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