Electric Scooter General Setting| How to Change Your Varla Pegasus

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Whether for commuting or fun, an electric scooter is easy to operate when you know the basics. Using an electric scooter for adults doesn’t only help improve your balance but also your mental and physical health.

The Varla scooters have longer battery life, dual suspension, and powerful motors. One of the best electric scooters is the eco-friendly motorized scooter for adults – Varla Pegasus, with a top speed of 28mph and a range of 28miles. Also, the Varla Pegasus motorized scooter has a 4.6-inch standard LCD showing the speed, range, and gear level at a glance.

After you purchase your electronic scooter, ensure you go through the user manual to understand its operations and warranty conditions. Also, double-check all its components when you ride your automatic scooter. To maximize the usage of your adult scooter, you need to get familiar with the general setting, i.e., P-setting.

What is P-Setting On Your Electric Scooter?

Pre-programmed settings or P-setting allow riders to personalize their motorized scooters. Electric scooters have LCD finger throttles with P-settings where you can make adjustments such as Speedometer units (mph/kph), Backlight brightness, acceleration, power level, etc. A standard electric scooter usually has about 10 to 15 features on its settings. To adjust P-setting, go to the menu on your LCD finger throttles, go through the features and then change the values up or down. Some measures, such as battery voltage, gear number, rim size, and power level, shouldn’t be adjusted.

The following are the steps to access the setting on the Varla Pegasus:

Step 1: Go to the LCD on your adult scooter and long press the UP and DOWN buttons at once to access the P-setting menu.

Step2: Click on the ‘M’ button to go through P-settings.

Step 3: Use the UP/DOWN button to adjust the value. 

Step 4: Finally, to save the changes you have made, allow the LCD to timeout (8 seconds), or you long press the UP and DOWN button at once to exit the menu.

Note: The preset values are not to be adjusted as they affect the performance of your battery, motor, and electric scooters for adults. However, if you have to change the preset values, you need to be mechanically inclined or seek expert guidance.

About the Varla Pegasus Gears

The gears inadult e scooters generate more speed or force in a particular direction. To increase your riding speed, switch on your motorized scooter by Pressing and holding the ‘M’ button for about 3 seconds. Afterward, the power on your LCD would come up, and ‘PAS 1’ would appear on your display screen. The power would be on, with a speed of 10 mph. Press the UP button to increase your speed level to ‘PAS 2’ with a top speed of 16mph. If you want to go faster, click the UP button twice to ride on a higher gear of 28m, and ‘PAS 3’ will appear on your LCD.

Note: Always ensure that the front and rear brakes are together when you apply the brake while riding. Take time to study the electric scooter controller guide.

About Single/Dual Motor

The motor of an electric scooters for adults is one of the significant parts of an e scooter as it determines the speed along with your best electric scooter battery. The electric scooter motor has two forms – single and dual motors.

Single Motor  

The Single motor adult scooters have one motor on the front or rear wheel. Due to their low top speeds, single-motor e scooters are affordable and straightforward. They are portable and lightweight, and you can take them everywhere. The following are the types of single motors:

Electric scooter with front-wheel drive (FWD)

The front-wheel-drive motorized scooter has its motor mounted on the front wheel. When the scooter thumb accelerator is powered, the front wheel rotates and moves forward, thereby driving the electric scooters for adults forward. The FWD is small and lightweight, with more power and better traction. These electronic scooter are less likely to oversteer and perform better than RWD on slippery and wet roads. But when it comes to turning bends, it’s a bit more challenging, especially when riding at high speeds.

Electric scooter with rear-wheel drive (RWD)

Rear-wheel drive, like the front-wheel drive’s motor, is installed on the rear wheel. The motor drives the rear wheel, making it rotate, moving the motorized scooter forward. Since the motor is behind, these adult motor scooters are also more evenly weighted. RWD is safer and more balanced, especially when riding up and down peaks.

Dual Motor

The Dual motor electric scooters for adults has motors on each wheel, i.e., the front and rear wheels. When you power on a dual hub adult scooter, the rear starts first, while the front begins when you click on the button that turns on the dual mode. This motorized adult scooter has more torque and power than single-motor best electric scooter. Moreover, both motors on the dual electric scooters have more advanced settings, making them go faster even on rugged terrains. Some dual motor e scooters are pretty heavy to lift, but the Varla Pegasus weighs 66 lbs, which is lighter than other electronic scooter.

Single or Dual Motor

Some persons who are not particular about speed may prefer a single-motor electric scooter. Moreover, single-motor adult scooters are easy and portable for commuting. Furthermore, on its wheels, the Varla Pegasus has dual 500W hub motors and can produce up to 1600W of power which maintains the efficient performance of the motor scooter.

The Varla Pegasus motorized scooter’s default setting is dual hub mode. To change the dual to a single motor mode, go to your dashboard where your LED shows ‘MAX’ (Dual Motor Mode). Click and hold for two seconds the DOWN button to enter the Single Motor Mode. Afterward, the ‘MAX’ wouldn’t appear on your display. Ensure you don’t switch on either Single/Dual-mode while riding your electric scooters for adults.

Here is a technical motor guide for you to learn more.

Error Code About Pegasus Electric Scooter

Error codes are numbers or letters on your adult scooter’s screen. These letters or numbers signify the errors in specific functions of your motorized scooter. A simple setting adjustment on your best electric scooter can solve a code error. The following are the code errors for Varla Pegasus motor scooter: 

Error codeInformationMeaning
E06 Battery under voltageThe scooter’s battery is discharging below its required voltage limit.
E07 Motor faultyThe scooter is experiencing a power problem connected to the motor.
E08 Throttle faultyThis indicates there is a problem with Throttle or brake.
E09 Controller faultyThere is a problem with the main cable running the controller due to water or harsh riding due to burnout.
E10 Communication receiving faultyThe LED display can’t get information from the electronic scooter motor.
E11 Communication sending faultyThere is a problem with giving instructions to the electric scooter’s motor through the LED.
E13 Headlight faultyA headlight’s fault might result from connectors, defective wiring, or bulbs.

Knowing these error codes allows you to diagnose the faults quickly and get your motor scooter back on the road. After going through the solutions for each error code, if they don’t return to their normal function, you can replace the components or contact an expert.


The Pegasus is everything you need in a commuter scooter. The general settings of Varla Pegasus are in the electric scooters for adults manual with a detailed explanation. Check out everything you need to know about electronic scooter motors. As a Varla Pegasus rider, you have a two-year warranty on any mechanical issues you encounter after purchasing your motorized scooter.

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