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David Guttman
David Guttman

I ordered my Varla Pegasus a number of months ago. I was told it would arrive in June. June came and went. I was told it would arrive in July. July came and went. But I am a patient man. My Pegasus finally arrived in late August.

I was excited to unbox and begin riding my new scooter. Unfortunately it went downhill from there.

The setup for the scooter is not very self explanatory. The instructions are unclear on a few things but I was able to find unboxing videos on YouTube to help me figure it out. But the P-settings are VERY confusing and they way the controls work, you can modify the settings and not even realize it. When you use the up/down buttons to put the device into "P-Mode" it will often increase or decrease your setting without you realizing it. In the manual it says several of the P-settings should NEVER be changed but it lets you change them and do so without even realizing it.

I was just over 2 miles away from my apartment when the screen flashed "Error Code 6" for like 1 second and then the scooter turned off.

I spent the next 40 mins walking my scooter home. On the bright side I got my steps in!

I was able to finally find a website that had the correct P-setting values and how to set them (that were different from what was in the instruction manual that was provided with the scooter) and make the scooter work properly.

But to add a final insult to injury, the tail break light had simply fallen off during my first ride. Now all I have is the wires where my break light used to be.

On the plus side this scooter is FAST. It climbs hills super well. The steering is very stiff and take some getting used to as does the handling of the wider wheels, but all that I think will just take some getting used to.

2 years ago
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