5 Tips to Take Your Summer Electric Scooter Riding Into Fall

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Fall is here, and it brings an exciting feeling as the weather changes, the falling leaves, and the streets get emptier. Riding the electric scooter during fall requires a different skill set from other seasons. Generally, when you ride any automobile on two wheels, you must take extra caution to ensure your safety and that of other road users. During summer, the atmosphere is bright and lively. There are usually many other people on the roads, either driving, cycling, or casually walking. The sun is high and bright, so visibility may be fine as you ride. 

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On the other hand, riding during fall is a different ball game. Several obstacles beyond your control could impair your riding experience; hence we have put together five tips below that can help you adjust your electric scooters for adults riding pattern as we transition to fall from summer. These e scooter riding tips for falls will protect you and will prevent you from riding for a fall.

Preparing your electric scooter for fall

As much as you plan and mentally prepare for fall, your electric scooter must always be in perfect shape if you consider going out for a ride often. Even though you are riding in summer or any other time, there are several dos and donts’ about your portable escooter to ensure they are in good condition. Ensure the brakes function at their best capacity and the tires and wheels sit adequately. 

Since you would come across several dead leaves and twigs on the road, you must ensure that your headlights are intact and shine with as much intensity. The Varla Eagle One Pro All-Terrains Electric Scooter comes with a bright 10W headlight to illuminate the road in front of you and help you see while riding at night or in a haze.

You must also ensure that the air pressure in your tires is within the recommended PSI to get the proper traction on the road. Finally, dress for the occasion. It will become windy and chilly, so you need to kit up with thick clothing and gloves.

Five fall weather riding tips

If your Varla motor scooters check the boxes above, you can take it for a fall ride. However, you need to take extra care to avoid mishaps as you ride, so the tips below will come in handy this season:

Look out for those leaves: 

Falling leaves come with the season and are one of the numerous changes electric scooter adult cannot control. As the air becomes moist and chilly, those trees that were once colorful and filled with healthy green leaves begin to lose their leaves. These falling leaves will settle somewhere on the road and may become dangerous to riders and drivers. The leaves on the streets make the roads more slippery, causing your adult scooter tires to have less grip. This can be dangerous because your motorized scooter can slide off the road and into a ditch. Also, the dead leaves can form a heap on the road covering a pothole or sharp object underneath.

If you ride into this heap, unaware of what lies beneath, you could get a flat from the sharp object or, even worse, if it is a deep pothole. Therefore, observe every safety guide, ride your best electric scooterc cautiously, and avoid the dead leaves on your path judiciously.

Brush up your riding skills: 

Riding an e-scooter is not hard at all, but everyone needs some improvement now and then, even for skills they have presumably mastered. Riding is one of those skills you need to pay attention to know when you need a brush-up. As mentioned earlier, you should ride two-wheelers with extra care and caution for your safety and other road users. If you have left your electrical scooter parked somewhere without riding it in a while, you need to test your adult scooter riding skills. Electric scooter adult must ensure they are still intact and remember your way around the different buttons on the motorized scooter. If some things feel strange and unfamiliar, please do not take them out. Take out time to re-learn the things you might have forgotten. Watch some tutorial videos online and ask other riders around. Remember, it is okay to ask for help.

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Light it up on your way: 

No one likes to ride in the dark without proper lighting. It is unsafe and not recommended and could put you in serious trouble with the authorities in the state where you are riding. Unlike summer, the fall season comes with shorter days and longer nights. You could ride to work in the morning with the weather bright and clear but experience the direct opposite weather on your way back from work in the evening. It would be unfortunate to have a broken headlight, taillight, or sidelights because riding back home would be a struggle. Ensure you check all your best electric scooter lights in the morning before heading out, even though you intend to arrive on time. Plans may change, and so might the weather.

Watch what you wear: 

Since the weather will be very unpredictable, with a lot of cold and hazy hours, your clothing style and protective scooter gears can be your saving grace in dire times.

There is a high tendency for a drop in temperature, so you need to select the appropriate fall riding wear. Embrace thicker clothing and waterproof gloves. If you have access to heated leather jackets, please use them each time you go out for a ride. The weather might seem a bit comfortable when you are about to head out for a ride, but it doesn’t mean it would be the same when you are several miles away from home. Hence it would be best if you got used to packing extra warm clothing for each ride. Also, wear reflective clothing this season, ensuring visibility to other road users. If you dress flamboyantly for an occasion, you can pack them up and use them when needed.

Friends together: 

Some rides could be long and tedious, especially if there are few road users while you are riding. This happens mostly during fall; only a few people ride their electric scooters for adults during this season. You can enjoy a fun ride with friends. Technology also enables us to connect easily to anyone anywhere at any time of the day. With your cell phone, you can enjoy a fun ride with friends and family at the other end of the line. You can purchase a phone holder for your motorized scooter or an armband to keep your phone safe while on that call. This will help you catch up with that special friend and also make you accountable to someone throughout your ride.


Seasons come and go, but there are some things that you can control to ensure your safety as well as a fun ride. The adult scooter riding tips highlighted above are things within your control. You do not have to stop the fun just because summer is over and the weather could be more friendly. Suppose you need to change your electrical scooter for this new season, head on to Varla scooters and pick from our several accessorized electric scooters. Keep the tips above at your fingertips because it is better safe than sorry!

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