Electric Scooter Helmets Ultimate Guide

varla e scooter utimate helmet guide

Helmets are protective gears cyclers wear over their head to protect the brain and skull while riding. Riding an electric scooter is not hard at all, but as a rider, helmets are a necessary part of your accessories, especially if you plan to ride in a location on rocky terrain. 

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Over the years, we have grown accustomed to helmets for other automobiles like motorcycles, race cars, and even bicycles. However, there has not been so much sensitization on helmets for electric scooters for adults. While it is not mandatory to ride a motorized scooter with a safety helmet in some locations, you must put certain things into perspective. Whenever you ride anything on two wheels, you are at a high risk of significant impact in the event of a crash. When this happens, the head region is left unprotected, and the result could be fatal.

Choosing a fitting electric scooter helmet

The electric scooter’s safety guide requires you to wear a helmet while you ride. Here are some factors that determine the type of helmet you would use depending on the ride. 

  • Speed of the ride

How fast or slow you are moving influences the type of helmet you need. You can ride at a certain speed depending on how quickly you want to reach your destination. It also depends on how much nature you want to take in before calling it a day. Remember always to pay attention to the speed limit of any location you find yourself. 

  • Terrains of the ride

Another factor determining the type of helmet you should use is the terrain you want to ride. If you stay in a location with smooth and plain roads, you are at a lower risk of a fatal impact. However, if you live or choose to ride on terrain that is rocky, steep, or full of dirt and debris, you are at a high risk of a fatal crash. Hence, you need to consider a helmet that can provide maximum protection. 

  • Weight of the helmet

Helmets vary in size and design and, ultimately, weight. Some weigh more, while a few others are so light that you wouldn’t notice you have a helmet on. The helmet’s weight goes a long way in determining its protective ability. Several layers in heavier helmets provide more protection for riders. Therefore, you want to consider the weight of the helmet when choosing.

  • Time and weather of the ride 

Generally, your risk exposure level is a significant determinant of the helmet type you would require to ride. If you plan to ride at night, visibility would be very low, which is already high risk. Hence it would help if you had an adult scooter helmet that guarantees maximum protection. The same goes for extreme weather conditions; a durable motorized scooter helmet is your best bet if you are riding in fog or hazy weather.

In addition, you would need to get the measurement of your head for a perfect fit. Take measurements of the circumference of your head and mark a one-inch distance above your eyebrows. These measurements would guide you in choosing the helmet that would sit perfectly. You can take these measurements severally to ensure accuracy. If you don’t have access to a tape rule at the time of purchase, you can get e scooter helmets for adults. Doing this would avoid a situation where the helmet is too small for your head.

Ultimate Guide: Electric Scooter Helmets » Electric Scooter Guide

Types of electric scooter helmets

Even after learning how easy it is to ride an electric scooter, you should learn a few safety tips about how to avoid cramps while riding, and the first is the various helmet types available today. The helmet function in a way that protects riders at different risk levels. We have:

  • Bicycle Helmet: 

The Bicycle helmet is usually smaller and more comfortable on the head since they do not weigh so much. They come in various styles, shapes, and designs, influencing their prices. Some can be folded into smaller sizes, making them portable. The bicycle helmet is breathable, meaning there are just enough holes on it that allow for ventilation in the head region. This ventilation is necessary, especially during summer when the temperature is skyrocketing. It enhances the scooting experience so you would not sweat profusely during your ride. 

One would think that the holes punctured into the helmet would reduce its quality, making it unable to protect the rider. The bike helmet technology has helped to cover that gap making the bicycle helmet capable of protection.

Recommended for use when riding below 20mph and under low-risk conditions

  • BMX helmet: 

People often mistake the BMX helmet for skateboard helmets, and skateboarders use them often. It can be due to the more rigid outer covering and an inner lining that provides a soft cushion to pad the head. They come in either an open-faced version or the version with a chin bar for additional protection. BMX helmets do not have so many ventilation holes, unlike bicycle helmets, making them less breathable. However, this gives them the advantage of providing more user protection. There are also about do and don’ts need you to know while using your e scooter.

Also called Bicycle motocross or Downhill, the BMX helmets are also light, comfortable, and somewhat portable to be carried about. They offer more protection to riders in case of an impact, especially the full-face ones with a chin bar.

Recommended for use when riding below 20 mph and under a minimum level of risk

  • Motorcycle helmet: 

The Motorcycle helmet, also called an e-bike helmet, is usually bigger and weighs more than the bicycle and BMX helmet. They give maximum protection to riders but might not guarantee a high level of ventilation. Of course, you can ride your Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter on a rocky plain, at high speed, at night, or under harsh weather conditions. 

But wearing a fitting helmet can prevent every high-risk situation. Hence, a motorcycle helmet is your best bet for maximum head protection. If a crash occurs while using this helmet, the impact would be absorbed first by the hard outer covering before spreading to other layers of the helmet.

Recommended for use when riding above 20 mph and under high-risk conditions

  • Full face helmet: 

The name gives this helmet away. It is the type with a chin bar extending from the jawline of the helmet, giving it a full face covering. People mistake this helmet for a motorcycle helmet or a moped helmet, but it tilts more towards the motocross helmet. 

Riding under high-risk conditions and exposing some parts of your face is risky to the nose, eyes, and teeth. A helmet with a chin bar can protect the face from severe injuries during a crash. And so, it is always better to opt for a full-face helmet if you are in the high-risk zone.

Recommended for use when riding above 20mph and under very high-risk conditions

How to maintain an electric scooter helmet

To ensure your helmet is always neat and shiny, there are specific measures you should take. 

  • You need to expose it to enough air to dry after every ride. Ensuring the inner part receives enough air and sunlight. 
  • If you fall during your ride or mud splashes on you, you need to inspect the helmet to ensure no patches on it. 
  • Every week, you should use a damp soapy cloth to wipe the inner and exterior parts of the helmet and then dry with a dry cloth. You can decide to polish & wax the outer part to give it that extra shine.


Putting on a helmet when riding a motorized scooter is not debatable. It has saved the lives of countless riders around the world, and it can help you to stay out of harm’s way on your electric scooter. Therefore when you purchase your Varla electronic scooter, you should get an accompanying helmet. An e-helmet would give you an even better experience with more convenience and comfort. Remember, it doesn’t matter if the EU’s law about scooting makes it compulsory to use the adult scooter helmet when you ride. It should be one of your personal governing laws never to ride a motor scooter without a helmet.

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