How to extend the lifespan of an electric scooter?

Every machinery has a lifespan, so does an electric scooter. The service life of a scooter depends on many factors, including the quality and usage of it. The low-quality scooters will last shorter than the ones with high-quality.

Unlike bikes and cars, an electric scooter does not require heavy maintenance. But though it requires less maintenance, still, it should be evaluated on time, and care should be taken while using it.

The power source for electric scooters is lithium batteries. These are smaller in size and very lightweight as well as provide extra strength to the e-scooter. These batteries are another important factor that plays an important role in extending the life span of a scooter. With time the efficiency of these batteries keeps on decreasing, but if extensive care is taken, these can last longer. The other factors that affect the lifespan of the scooter include storing and charging method of the electric scooter.

If you have a Varla scooter or any other and you want to know how to elongate the lifespan of it, stick to this article, as we are going to give you a few important tips that can help.

Charging the battery of the e-scooter:

It is recommended to charge the scooter after short intervals of time, preferably after every ride. Let the battery cool down for a while after you ride it, and then connect it to the charger.

Avoid charging it to its full potential or keeping it connected to the charger overnight. It will affect the battery and, ultimately, your electric scooter negatively, limiting its lifespan.

Keep the battery in check for the better and longer running life of the scooter. Maintain the battery in its best condition and consider replacing it if it goes bad. The battery acts as the heart of the electric scooter, if the heart is not appropriately maintained, how can the body work? Choose the correct and best battery packs for the efficient and reliable working of the electric scooter. Do not let the battery drain as it damages the scooter internally as well as the battery may not hold a charge anymore.

Store the electric scooter carefully:

To ensure the safety and longevity of your electric scooter, store it in safe and clean places. Try putting it in a box or a bag for maximum protection. It also helps you to carry the scooter easily and store it whenever you want to.

The place selected for the storage should be clean, dry, and well ventilated. The temperature should be normal, room temperature.  Scooters should be kept away from extreme hot and cold temperatures or direct sunlight.

If the place where you are storing the scooter is damp and filled with humidity, it will cause corrosion on the electric scooter.

Storage factors contribute a lot in increasing the lifespan of the electric scooter. Extensive care should be taken at the time of storage. Later, when you use it, it will still be as good as a new one if stored under proper circumstances.

Know the capacity of the electric scooter:

Read out the user manual of the electric scooter carefully to understand your scooter completely. Keep in mind the capacity of your electric scooter, and do not push it to work more than that.

If the it is used for more than its capacity or range, it will kill the electric scooter before time. Do not take the scooter on bumpy tracks or the ones it is not suitable for. The efficiency of the scooter will die with time if it works out of the way. The parts and accessories of the scooter should be kept under check for any changes to be made. If any part seems to go bad, try replacing them instead of disposing of the scooter itself. If all the parts are well kept, the electric scooter will work with full capacity for a longer time.

Maintenance of the electric scooter:

As we mentioned already, the e-scooter requires less to no maintenance, but it does not mean that it can be used roughly. Keep a check on the scooter and its maintenance. A simple care routine will do enough for it, which might include a visit to a mechanic after a certain period of time to get the technical evaluation, to sort out the basic issues on time if any.

The safety measures and guidelines for cleanliness should be followed for smooth working. Try not to expose it to harsh weather conditions or heavy rainfall. As the rainwater may enter inside the scooter if it is not waterproof and can lead to any issue.

Clean the e-scooter in a correct manner:

After using the scooter in dusty areas, or generally too, consider cleaning it frequently. It will keep the scooter clean from any sort of dirt or other harmful materials.

Cleansing should be done with a brush and a good cleaner. Try using a brush with small bristles for narrow areas such as between the tires, it will keep it clean and as good as a new one. Always use good quality cleaning materials and don’t let this fact affect the scooter’s lifespan. Good cleansing materials will work in a way that is advantageous for your electric scooter and will provide no harm.  As the scooter has wires and machinery, the water should not come in contact with any such thing that is not waterproof.

Dry the scooter after cleaning it thoroughly. Consider using a dryer to prevent any chances of water left on the electric scooter. Keeping the scooter in its best condition possible will somehow extend its lifespan.

Use of the correct charger:

The charger selected to charge the batteries of the electric scooter should be selected carefully. Try using only the original charger that comes with the scooter. An Incorrect charger or a charger that is not suitable for the battery will damage the battery.

The use of an unsuitable charger affects the rate of chemical reactions taking place in the battery which as a result affects the functioning of the electric scooter. In some conditions, the battery may eventually die. The charger that is not suitable may cause damage to the internal wirings which can result in a short circuit.


If you want to make your electric scooter last longer, these tips are all you need! Keeping the electric scooter in its best condition and taking care of it will increase its service time as well as its lifespan. Get the scooter evaluated by a professional mechanic after a good 3 to 4 months to check for any technical faults. E-scooter is an easy-to-use vehicle, if you are someone with a tough routine, you might need to use it with extensive care for a long lifespan.

Ultimately, the most important factor is the scooter’s quality. You should always purchase it from a reliable brand, and the Varla scooter is the best choice in terms of quality and durability.

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